Burlington-Honfleur Sister Cities

The Two Mayors

Michel Lamarre
Michel Lamarre, mayor of Honfleur
Miro Weinberger
Miro Weinberger, mayor of Burlington

In Burlington, the Sister City Committee

The members of the committee as of 2023 are:

Lise Veronneau
Lise Veronneau, president. Honorary consul of France in Vermont; Burlington municipal official
Ernie Pomerleau
Ernie Pomerleau, treasurer. President of Pomerleau Real Estate; member of numerous boards
Richard Gliech
Richard Gliech, secretary. Translator; pizza oven inventor and vendor
Janet Biehl
Janet Biehl, author, editor, translator, artist, website content editor
Beth Brodie
Beth Brodie, semi-retired high school French teacher; former principal
Doreen Kraft
Doreen Kraft, executive director, BCA
Meg Ostrum
Meg Ostrum, museum professional, arts consultant, writer
Meg Pond
Meg Pond, retired affordable housing advocate
Fr. Marcel Rainville
Fr. Marcel Rainville, chair, board of trustees, Saint Michael’s College; Edmundite priest
Lisa Schamberg
Lisa Schamberg, retired high school teacher; member of numerous boards
Fran Stoddard
Fran Stoddard, radio and TV producer and host
Peter Vantine
chair, department of classical & modern languages & literature, Saint Michael’s College
Dana vanderHeyden
Dana vanderHeyden, ambassador of Honfleur to United States; member of numerous boards; world traveler
Marc vanderHeyden
Marc vanderHeyden, former president of Saint Michael’s College; world traveler

In Honfleur, le Comité de Jumelages

The members of the comité as of 2023 are: 


Pierre Jan
Pierre Jan, president. Director of Archives for City of Honfleur.
Philippe Grenier
Philippe Grenier. Retired engineer, passionate tour guide to Honfleur
Frédéric Lecomte
Frédéric Lecomte, vice president. Head of quality control at Honfleur Tourist Office; friend of the City of Burlington (visited twice 🙂 )
Rosine Grenier
Rosine Grenier. Extraordinary chef. She left this world in October 2023.
Fabrice Aubree
Fabrice Aubree
Yvonne Toulancourt
Yvonne Toulancourt

Photos of Weinberger, Veronneau, Pomerleau, Pond, Schamberg, Stoddard, and the vanderHeydens by Elvira Tripp. Photo of Lecomte by Gaelle Schuster.